A subterranean cocktail bar on Hackney’s Mare Street, Behind This Wall’s latest menu fuses Midwestern sensibilities with Korean cooking techniques, and features healthy kombucha tea-based cocktails and complementary ‘edible cocktails’ to accompany the drinks. Co-founder, head bartender and chef Alex Harris introduces his concept …

Latest menu
It’s a drinks tasting menu that aims to be quite playful and a bit cheeky. Winter is very stark, so we wanted to capture that but add a streak of colour and spice – that comes from the Korean elements. We are utilising seasonal techniques – pickling, curing, preserving - but trying to apply them in an original and creative way to subvert a classic menu.

I think picking up on kombucha tea was a big one. We’ve been making all our syrups from the start, but with the kombucha element you get a great depth of flavour to the sweetness and you can be very creative with what goes in them.

Korean cooking was a big inspiration for this menu, but we also looked to northern Europe and the American Midwest for wintery ideas and techniques.
Every member of the team at the bar pitched in.

Visit the bar's website here, and read Paul's full interview with Alex in the first issue of Hospitality F&B magazine, coming soon.