Inspired by the minimalist aesthetics and flavours of Japanese, Korean and Nordic cuisine, Flat Three offers an array of plant-based food and drink, much of it made inhouse from fermentations that are a common thread across the cultures that it embraces.

Pavel’s creations transform humble vegetables into something extraordinary, with Smoked sand carrot, miso & sweet cicely, Wild broccoli parcel & French onion dashi and Grelot onion, girolles & corn miso just some of the imaginative seasonal choices on offer.

Says Pavel: “We extract every flavour we can using fermentation, smoking and salting to give vegetables taste components that you don’t expect.”

He even goes so far as to make a jus totally from vegetables, reckoning that the flavours he extracts are exactly the same as beef or chicken. Flat Three’s Plant-Based Menu showcases the wonders of locally sourced and often overlooked ingredients, with Forager, a renowned team of wild plant specialists led by Miles Irving in the forests of Kent, supplying Pavel and his team with a wealth of littleknown but delicious wild vegetation.

Accompanying these dishes is a selection of vegan wine, teas, infusions, ferments and delicious house-pressed juices. Inspired to create your own vegan recipe?