This new site sets itself apart from its sister restaurants with an emphasis on Italian wines, hand-picked by founder Roberto Costa. Since the first Macellaio RC opened in London in 2012, Roberto has been developing a bespoke wine list, almost entirely made up of Italian winemakers from all over the country.

With over a hundred different labels, the wine list showcases “wines of character”, paying homage to the produce of Italy and highlighting the distinctive differences between various regions – from Piedmont and the Nebbiolo grape, noble varieties of world famous Barbaresco and Barolo wines, alongside lesser known grapes grown in extremely limited quantities like Pelaverga.

As with the other Macellaio RC restaurants, the Clapham site will uniquely combine restaurant and butcher with their renowned Fassona beef, butchered and dry-aged on-site. Sourced from producers in the renowned region of Piedmont in Italy, the Fassona breed is chosen for its flavour and texture.

The meat is extremely tender as well as extraordinarily low in fat and cholesterol due to the hypertrophic muscle growth among the cows. Cooked simply to let the natural flavours shine through, the process of maturation is key to developing the authentic Italian flavour and at Macellaio RC, the meat is dry-aged for a period of 5-7 weeks, proudly displayed in the restaurants’ ventilated cellars that keep the meat at 0-4 degrees celsius to dry and soften the meat.
Whether it’s served as beautifully thin slices of carpaccio with rocket and Parmigiano Reggiano, as a slow-cooked ragu with some of the restaurant’s homemade tagliatelle or left to speak for itself as a steak cooked simply with rock salt and Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, the team’s passion for these quality ingredients comes through in their cooking, led by Head Chef Matteo Riganelli