To complement this business growth, the company is also adding new products to their delicious range. The new packaging has clean lines and a contemporary feel, reflecting the company’s organic growth and giving the products a strong visual identity. The product lines have new attractive themed coloured labels and the logo incorporates an updated Aztec snake icon. The overall look is authentic and aesthetic.

The tortillas, which are still the most popular product made daily in the London unit, now have a pouch window so that you can see the colour of the tortilla clearly. Made from Mexican masa harina flour, these traditional tortillas, available in blue or white, are the spoon, napkin and plate of Mexican food. So many dishes can be created with tortillas as the starting point and Cool Chile Co are proud of their long-standing ‘hero’ product.

Three new products have been added to the Cool Chile range:

New Chipotle Mayonnaise – a tasty twist on traditional mayonnaise

For tacos, dips and dressing, the Chipotle Mayonnaise is a spicy, smoky mayonnaise made with chipotles in adobo and free range egg. Some serving suggestions include the following: spoon into tacos, spread in sandwiches and on burgers, mix into potato salad and whisk into dressings. It will guarantee to give any dish a kick!

The Chipotle Mayonnaise is £3.80 a jar.

New Ranchero Sauce – the ultimate brunch product

This is a medium spiced sauce made with tomatoes and fresh coriander. The ultimate product for a Mexican brunch dish, the chilli infused tomato sauce is key in traditional brunch dishes such as chilaquiles. Typically corn tortillas cut in quarters and lightly fried are the basis of this dish, then pour over the Ranchero Sauce and add extra toppings of your choice. Garnish with avocados and serve alongside eggs for a great brunch option.

Ranchero Sauce is also perfect for making Enchiladas – one option for serving is with corn tortilla chips, crème fraiche, onion and cheese.

The sauce is also a vital component when creating traditional Mexican Huevos Rancheros which includes eggs, cheese and the cheeky sauce.

The Ranchero Sauce is £4.00 a jar.