“With this striking new suite of five bespoke snack-packs, we are building on the proven appeal of our existing trapezoidal Kraft boxes, while offering a new 80g size, ideal for the impulse-buy/snacking market,” says brand manager, Grace Simpson. “True to the design ethos of our current 180g Goupie boxes, these new Goupie Mini snack-packs feature eye-catching vector graphics, powerful Goupie branding and a cool contemporary colours.”

“We are coming to the market with five flavours: Original, Mint, Orange, Espresso and the all-new Salted Sticky Toffee. As well as clear colour-coded graphics, the new Goupie Mini snack-packs feature full allergen, QUID and nutrition information; as well as individual product barcodes, social media and website details,” says Grace Simpson.

“This new packaging really communicates Goupie’s brand values. We are exceptionally proud of producing hand-made confectionery to a genuine family recipe....and these new snack-packs really do justice to Goupie’s proven provenance.”

“With our wide choice of vegan-friendly and gluten-free recipes, Goupie already appeals across the complete age spectrum and to both male and female consumers,” concludes Grace Simpson. “Every flavour of our new snack-packs are vegan friendly, making our devilishly moreish treats even more accessible.”