Replacing the winter seasonal of Baked Camembert & Oak Smoked Garlic, Goats’ Cheese & Balsamic Onion will be available throughout the summer months.

The new flavour was the brainchild of the Kettle chef, Phil Hovey, who was tasked with creating a seasoning which captures the spirit of summer food.  Phil chose this winning combination of rich and creamy goats’ cheese enhanced by the sweet tanginess of balsamic pickled onions. It’s simple, delicious and packed full of flavour!

Andy Verney, Kettle Foods Head of Impulse comments: “The Seasonal Editions play a key role in delivering flavour innovation in the category and generating consumer excitement. Goats’ Cheese & Balsamic Onion will give a seasonal boost to our strong core range. As the leading premium crisp and a top three sharing brand, Kettle can help capitalise on consumer trends towards better quality snacking options and the continuing popularity of entertaining at home.”

As with all Kettle's products, the seasoning is made with real food ingredients. Kettle never adds any artificial flavours, colours or MSG to its products, which some other crisp manufacturers use to make flavourings. And like the rest of the range, Goats’ Cheese & Balsamic Onion are made from the finest potatoes and hand-cooked in batches, using sunflower oil.