Lanique is different in every sense. Standing apart from all other spirits, its vibrant appearance and fresh, natural taste ensure it really is the life and soul of any social event.

Whether glamming with friends at a festival, relaxing at the polo or dancing on the bar, Lanique brings the adventurous together.

Until the roaring 20s, Lanique was the drink of choice for the wealthy elite across Europe. It would have been consigned to history like the Kingdoms and Empires that created and revered it, but thankfully the recipe, a closely-guarded secret, was rescued from the shifting sands of time and now lives on.

Made with a delicate blend of ingredients that have been refined and perfected over centuries, Lanique’s distinctive flavour and dazzling pink colour come from attar of rose - an essential oil extracted from rose petals that’s more expensive per kilogram than gold. Now that’s something definitely worth celebrating!

The natural sweetness of Lanique evokes the exotic locations from where the ingredients were originally sourced.

Set to become this year’s favourite tipple is signature mix Lanique & Lime - a large measure of Lanique, fresh lime juice and a dash of soda over crushed ice that combine to inspire joyous, exciting moments of togetherness.

Creating a mood that is invigorating, Lanique appeals to those who love new experiences; to those who have inquisitive minds and who are adventurous souls.